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Services Overview

concrete repair dallas

Concrete Repair

Bee Line Services maintenance will repair pot holes and damanged concrete. Proper maintenance on your pavement will lengthen the life of your parking lot and minimize additional more costly repairs. We also specialize in ADA handicap ramp installations and repairs.

asphalt repair dallas

Asphalt Repair

Bee Line Services can repair potholes and depressions before they worsen and entire parking lot needs replacement. Contact us today to setup a maintenance plan to keep your parking lot looking and functioning like new all year long.

sealcoating dallas


Bee Line Services offers sealcoating to fill surface voids, reducing exposure to the elements. Sealcoating refreshes and seals an existing asphalt parking lot keeping your facility looking like new.

parking space numbering dallas

Parking Lot Striping

Bee Line Services is the one to call for all your parking lot striping needs. Specializing in new parking lot striping layouts or simple routine striping maintenance services, our expert team will work with you to keep your parking lot looking fresh and up to date with ada and fire marshall standards.

ada markings dallas

Parking Signage

Bee Line Services specializes in Americans with Disabilities Act markings for your parking lot or place of business. The ADA law signed in 1990 was intended to make the American Society more accessible to people with disabilities. Our team will make sure your parking lot is in compliance with all ADA specifications. Bee Line Services also offers custom signage for your place of buisness.

pressure washing dallas

Pressure Washing

Bee Line Services pressure washing removes loose paint, debris, dirt, grime, calcium deposits, spils, mildew, and old tire marks keeping your parking lots and sidewalks looking like new. Preping your parking lot for restriping is critical for new paint and extends the life and appearance of your facility.

sand blasting dallas

Sand Blasting

Bee Line Services offers Sand Blasting to remove paint to make changes to an existing parking lot layouts. Sandblasting propels small particals of material at a high velocity to remove paint or etch a surface. Contact the experts at Bee Line Services to get your job completed quickly and accurately the first time by our professional team.

dumpster enclosure dallas

Dumpster Enclosure

Bee Line Services offers design and build services of new dumpster enclosures in accordance of local city codes. We offer custom enclosures and custom gates in a variety of building materials. We also repair and replace existing enclosures and gates that may be damaged.